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Bruce Montgomery is one of the most talented figures in fashion clothes for men. From 1996 to 2009, Bruce Montgomery was the genius behind one of the top apparels in UK, DAKS. Bruce holds a BA degree in fashion, title acomplished in the University of Northumbria.

Before joining DAKS, he climbed the fashion steps by collaborating with some of the top fashion icons like Katherine Hamnett, Moschino, Luciano Soprani, House of Kashiyama and Nigel Cabourn His DAKS collaboration started in 1996 and he is also vice chairman of the British Menswear Guild committee.
DAKS stands as a top British fashion company, with its high class tailoring that also keep a contemporary feel among its designs.

Tradition and experimentation are well balanced in his work and he likes to use different themes, one season from another, that depend mostly on surroundings and certain influences in his life. His best ideas are focused on men's jackets that stand on top by using smooth finishes and a high crease tolerance. As he declared, the most challenging idea in fashion is to come up with constantly good designs that customers will enjoy.
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